The Cleantech Revolution

During the past several decades, due to an increased awareness of environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, water and air pollution, and increased energy use, there has been a global, concerted effort by all sectors of society to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. As climate change and other environmental challenges are getting widely recognized, more actions have been taken to not only address them, but also simultaneously explore the opportunities they present.

As this growing shift is taking place in public policies, business strategies, and consumer demands, a new economy – a green economy – is evolving. Government agencies, universities, national laboratories, and venture capitalists are taking a proactive role to increase investment in clean technologies.  Thus, Cleantech is born.

“Metro Orlando is emerging as a leading cleantech hub as local governments work to diversify the economy and find solutions to the nation’s energy challenges.  With established cleantech industry leaders, numerous cleantech startups, the third-largest university in the nation, world class researchers, proactive economic development organizations, and an established high-tech economic sector, Metro-Orlando is well-poised to develop some of the next great cleantech breakthroughs and become a cleantech innovation leader.”

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